FUNtastic Bilingual PowerKids

FUNtastic Bilingual PowerKids Programme aims to build the foundation for his or her cognitive and bilingual language development.

Research has found that early childhood is the best possible time to learn a second language. When children learn different languages during the early years, they are also better in problem solving and critical thinking, and they tend to stay focused on a task longer as compared to their mono-lingual counterparts.

A FUN thematic based curriculum which incorporates many activities equip our PowerKids with the essential bilingual language skills at an early age, giving them a good head-start for Singapore’s bilingual education.

FUNtastic Bilingual PowerKids Programme includes:

  • Language & Literacy
  • Basic strokes and order of Chinese Characters
  • Art & Craft
  • Show & Tell
  • Music & Movement
  • Roleplay
  • Manipulatives (Hand puppet, finger puppet etc)
  • Numeracy
  • Class interactions Time (During Snack Time)

FUNtastic Bilingual PowerKids is a 2-hour-per-session programme, a choice of 5-day programme Monday to Friday, or once per week, either Saturday or Sunday.





  • 语文技能与读写能力
  • 英汉的语法差异
  • 汉字的基本笔画与笔顺
  • 美术与手工
  • 口语展示
  • 音乐与动作
  • 角色扮演
  • 教具(手偶、指欧等)
  • 数字
  • 课堂互动(吃小点心时)


Age: 3-4 Years Old
Activities: Chinese
Course Type: Basic