FUNtastic Chinese Calligraphy

About this Course

Calligraphy is a relaxing process that can be compared to drawing or painting.

Benefits of Learning Chinese Calligraphy

 1. Long-term memory

Have you ever wondered why your child forgets the previous Chinese spelling once the test is over? Do you wish your child can remember all the Chinese characters that they have been taught?

Studies have shown that learning Chinese calligraphy helps one to retain the character in the brain and make it a long-term memory. Chinese Calligraphy helps one to understand the structure and aesthetic of the characters, thus making them much easier to learn. By conscientiously using the proper stroke order, again and again it reinforces the structure of the character in our brain through associations, forming a network which classify them accordingly.

2. Training one to write faster and neater.

Many a times, students often complained that they cannot finish the last part of the comprehension or the conclusion of a Chinese composition simply because “not enough time”. However, dwelling deeper, this “not enough time” can be interpreted as “writing not fast enough”. By practicing Chinese Calligraphy, it will train you to write faster, neater and with more accuracy, ensuring marks will not be lost due to writing error. When one writes faster, he or she will have more time to complete their work and check their answers.

 3. Cognitive Development of a child

Experts have pointed out that learning Chinese Calligraphy has positive effects on the cognitive development in the learners. Calligraphy requires a high level of concentration and patience. Practicing Chinese Calligraphy helps children to concentrate better, increase their attention span and learn better in schools. Lab tests have further confirmed that practicing Chinese Calligraphy helps to reduce stress. There was a significant dipped in their heart rates, reduced muscle tension, changing in breathing pattern.


Age: 5+ Years Old
Activities: Chinese Calligraphy Writing
Course Type: Basic, Intermediate, Advanced levels